Unit Commissioners are the link between the district and troops, packs and crews. Each unit should have a Unit Commissioner assigned to them to help them with communications with the district and council and to be a resource for any questions the unit leadership may have. The Unit Commissioner should be seen as a friend of their unit.

The District Commissioner leads the district's Unit Commissioners, through Assistant District Commissioners, to ensure each unit has a trained and reliable liaison with the district.

The below table lists all units in the Golden Eagle District and their respective Unit Commissioner and Assistant District Commissioner. If you cannot find your unit on this list, please contact the District Commissioner.

Joe Davis - District Commissioner

Joe Davis
District Commissioner


Unit Type Number Leader Commissioner Asst. Dist. Commissioner
Troop 1612 Joe Davis
Jim Higgins
Jim Higgins
Troop 7612 Devyn Davis
Jim Higgins Jim Higgins
Pack 4612 Karen Wallace Jim Higgins Jim Higgins
Troop 1394 Terrel Schimpf Larry Gallamore Phil Symmonds
Pack 4394   Larry Gallamore Phil Symmonds
Crew 2260 Carl Meinke Ken Williams  
Pack 4009 Tony Harrison Dean Ramsden Jim Higgins
Pack 4096 Daniel Motta Jim Higgins  
Pack 4155 Shaylanette Robinson Jim Higgins  
Pack 4179 Randall Steele    
Pack 4180 Robb Jones John Pileggi  
Pack 4247 Stacey Thompson Howard Scott, III Mike O'Neil
Pack 4260 Ronny Hancock    
Pack 4271 Tony Chilcoat