Council Events - Check the HOAC Council Website

Date       Event
(Fri) 31-Jul-2020       GE / NL       Day Camp  Canceled
(Sat) 19-Sep-2020   HOAC   Scout Day @ Sporting KC
(Sun) 27-Sep-2020   HOAC   Scout Day @ The K   Canceled
(Fri) 16-Oct-2020   GE / NL   New Family Camp-Out
(Fri) 16-Oct-2020   GE / NL   Webelos Woods
(Sat) 17-Oct-2020   GE / NL   Camp-O-Ree
(Sat) 24-Oct-2020   HOAC   Haunted Trails
(Tue) 27-Oct-2020   HOAC   Council Recognition Banquet   Canceled
(Sat) 14-Nov-2020   HOAC   Fall Food Drive
(Sun) 15-Nov-2020   GE   PickleBall
(Sat) 23-Jan-2021   HOAC   Scout Day @ Mavericks
TBD   HOAC   Scout Day @ Speedway
Fall 2020 - TBD   HOAC   Heartland Tree Alliance
Canceled   HOAC   Dig Day